5 Unusual Ways to Lose Weight

Many people set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. They take advantage of New Year deals and join gyms vowing to take the pounds off THIS year. Most people lose their motivation and/or forget their resolutions by the end of January. The problem is not lack of desire or an inability to actually lose the weight.  The problem stems from doing the same things year after year. If they did not work the first time, they are not likely to work the fifth time either.

Research studies have also shown that all people have a finite amount of willpower.  The more resolutions and changes you want to make this year, the thinner you spread that willpower and the less you will have to put to use in losing the weight.

Here are 5 ways to lose weight this year that are different from how you have always tried in the past. Mix it up and see yourself finally achieving success.

  1. Work out for just 11 minutes-researchers from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville have found that working out for just 11 minutes can help you burn more fat all day long. The key is to lift weights for those 11 minutes. If you lift weights three times a week for 11 minutes you can increase your metabolic rate even as you sleep. The short duration allows you to fit the workout in and the process of breaking down and repairing your muscles increases your metabolism.
  2. Work out your legs. The muscles in your quads and glutes have more mass than muscles in your chest and arms and require more energy to repair. In a study at Syracuse University, researchers found that people burned more calories the day after they did lower-body resistance training than the day after they worked their upper body.
  3. Include Dairy in your diet-protein (there are plenty of plant based protein options) and dairy are important for building muscle and giving you a feeling of satiety. Dieters who include dairy in their diets lost more weight than those who do not.
  4. Cut the carbs-that is the processed, starchy carbs. Remember fruits and vegetables are carbs and you can never eat too many of those. A recent study from the United Arab Emirates found that people who followed a low-carb diet had lower weights, insulin levels, and triglyceride levels than those who followed a low-fat diet.
  5. Plan your responses- if you rely on willpower alone you will not lose the weight. When you plan a new diet you usually think about what you will do differently, the foods you will add and avoid and how often you will work out. You also need to plan for your response to set-backs, cravings, and lack of motivation. Dutch researchers found that dieters who wrote out “if, then” scenarios lost more weight and stuck to their diets better than those who did not write down a plan of action. An “if, then” scenario would be “if I get hungry in between meals then I will have 15 almonds.”

With a little change in plan this year, a different work- out schedule, new way of eating, and some pre-planning, you will not need to rely on willpower alone. Here is to succeeding in all of your New Year’s resolutions this year.

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