Healthy Living is Fun believes that health and vitality is available to everyone. Change comes from within. To change your circumstances you must first change your thoughts and attitudes. To change your health you must first change your diet and how you nurture your body. Every change starts within. Beauty is an inside job.

Roo Mulligan

Founder & CEO

Roo is 67 years old but by following the beauty nutrition system she doesn't look a day older than 32.

Just kidding. She is actually in her late 40's but has discovered her youthful glow by eating a whole foods plant based diet and wants to share all that she knows so that YOU can reverse time and achieve that youthful glow from the inside out.

Get Your Healthy Eating on the Go Guide!!

We are all crazy busy these days. Often, the first thing we let slide is our commitment to our health. After spending hours in the car we find ourselves in the drive through. Grab this Healthy Eating on the Go guide and stay healthy and happy even on the go.