How to Stay Healthy While Traveling Pt 2

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” ~ Oscar Wilde

In this week’s blog we are going to continue the discussion on how to stay healthy while traveling.

Last week, in part 1, I talked about getting super healthy prior to leaving and how to survive the plane ride.

There are tips on how what food to bring with you, what to eat prior to leaving, how to keep your skin hydrated on the super dry airplane, and even a recipe for a yummy travel snack.

If you missed that you can find the article here:

You have arrived! You are finally at your destination after schlepping your suitcases about, driving to the airport, and riding for hours and hours in a cramped, dry, cabin (unless you are one of the lucky ones who gets a first class single bed all to yourself).

You are super excited to be there and finished with traveling. Now, how to stay healthy and energetic so you can enjoy your trip?

There are 4 key areas to maintaining your health while you are away from home.

  1. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
  2. Minimize Stress
  3. Sleep
  4. Consistency

Let’s start with number 1 – Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

When the body is dehydrated you feel fatigued and are more susceptible to picking up an illness and that is no Bueno.

Many other countries do not automatically serve water at restaurants. You will want to be sure to ask for water, preferably bottled water, even if you are in a country where the water is safe.

I also brought a filtered water bottle with me so I could have access to water all day. The filter is attached to the straw so all you do is fill the water bottle, pop in the filter-lid-straw and drink.

The bottle I purchased is Sawyer Water Filter.

You can get it on Amazon- Here

I will warn you that the bottle is pretty large so it doesn’t fit in cup holders. To me, it was worth having to carry it around so I could have access to water all day.

Minimize Stress

You are on vacation to relax and have a good time. Don’t stress too much over what to eat or the change to your routine. Go on the vacation knowing that you will vary from your normal routine and that is okay.

There will be some splurging and it will not derail you completely. Plan to eat the local food but choose which things you want to splurge on wisely.

Remember to savor your food. Chew slowly. Appreciate the presentation. Taste the different flavors. ENJOY what you are eating.

Stressing and worrying and feeling anxiety over your diet leads to weight gain and other issues (like constipation) when you are uptight, you plug up. So relax and savor the flavor.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the local cuisine and really believe that. Don’t have the mindset that you are cheating or have to eat the entire dessert tray because once you get home you’ll go back on your diet.

Have the mindset that you are going to choose ONE dessert and it is going to be the most delicious dessert you can find and you are going to taste every bite as you slowly experience all the different flavors in every bite. Make that the best dessert experience you have ever had and ENJOY every second of it. NO regrets or guilt.


Jet lag can be a major bummer. Particularly if you have plans to get out and explore and all you can do is sleep. Prepping before- hand and getting your body in top physical health before you go will help. Be sure to read part 1.

Try to keep to the schedule of time where you are going. When we went to Barcelona we left Seattle in the afternoon and flew to Chicago. We left Chicago at 10pm which is really only 8pm Seattle time. I treated it like a red-eye flight.


I brought an eye mask and a travel pillow and planned on sleeping as much of the flight as I could. The eye mask really helped. It kept all the light out so my body felt like it was night time.

When we arrived it was 1:30 in the afternoon there so we explored a little, had dinner at the local dinner time and stayed up until our usual bed time around 11pm.

Adjusting to the local time helped to stave off the jet-lag and we were able to explore and tour the country right away.


Traveling will shake up your normal routine. You will be experiencing all kinds of new things, eating new foods, seeing new sights, hearing new languages. Everything will be off kilter.

But, that does not mean you have to go hog wild and pig out at every meal or eat the entire dessert table or drink a whole bottle of wine at dinner if those are not things you normally do.

If you normally eat a light breakfast then eat a light breakfast on your trip. If you normally stick to one glass of wine with dinner at a restaurant then just have one glass of wine with your meal.

You can choose your splurge deliberately so it is an experience you love rather than feeling stuffed and gross the whole time because you pigged out at every meal and ate things you don’t normally even like.

If you exercise every day at home, try to walk a lot or bring some exercise bands and a travel yoga mat with you so you can get a little workout in at the hotel. Many hotels have exercise rooms so I usually pack a few workout outfits.

But, try not to stress about it if you can’t fit the time in to go to the workout room. You will likely be walking a lot and that is one of the best forms of exercise you can get.

These are just a few tips to stay healthy while traveling. If you have other ideas that have worked for you on your travels please leave a comment and share with us all.

Bon Voyage!






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