How to Unlock Your Own Magic

I have always wanted to be magic. Truthfully, that has not changed even as an adult. When I was a teenager I read the book, Green Mansions, by William Henry Hudson. This was not a light weight book. Written in 1904, it was heavy reading for a teen but I loved it. The main character was Rima, the bird girl. She lived in the forest with her grandfather and made herself dresses from spider webs. She had a special ability to communicate with animals.

I longed to be Rima. Used to spend hours in the woods behind my house trying to walk silently- no shuffling over leaves or cracking small twigs.  I’d sit quietly and try to see if the birds and squirrels would come near me.

I was a latch key kid and my favorite show to watch was re-runs of Bewitched. How awesome would it be to be able to twinkle your nose and take yourself anywhere in the world?

As an adult I had the Harry Potter books to revel in and read to my 1st grader. She may have been a little young but I helped her to understand. I made her listen to bed time stories she may not have been old enough for yet because I couldn’t wait to share them with her.

I longed for special abilities; ESP, Telekinesis, energy healing, a special connection with animals, and ended up feeling like a complete dud Muggle. When cats or other people’s pets didn’t rush to be with me it was doubly hurtful. Not only did I not have magical abilities, I was repelling them with my eagerness.

But, I had an experience last week that showed me I truly AM magical. We ALL are. And we always have been. We just don’t know how to bring it forth.

I am of Irish descent and have very fair skin. I had countless sunburns as a child- was always the one in a t-shirt, hat and smothered in zinc oxide while my friends and siblings ran about brown limbed and free in their bathing suits. Sadly, all those sunburns have led to skin cancer. The first time I learned I had skin cancer and would need surgery I was 8 months pregnant. I burst into sobs. My poor, retiring, Dr with the lovely East Indian accent didn’t know how to handle big, blubbery me.

I came through the Moh’s surgery just fine; only had to have one round. Then 10 years later it came back in essentially the same spot. I had another surgery- again all went well. Now I visit the dermatologist every 6 months.

I went to the Dr last week because I had a spot on my upper lip, a little chapped area that didn’t go away for a few weeks and I feared it was more cancer. The spot disappeared before my appointment but I went anyway. Maybe it was just chapped lips? She told me it was likely pre-cancerous cells but that my body had healed it on its own.

And THAT is how we are magic. Our bodies are designed to HEAL on their own. When we get a paper cut, it does not stay there forever until we get stitches to repair it. Our immune system kicks in and starts to repair the cut right away. Even if we broke our arm, our bodies would heal it. Maybe not pain free and not as aligned as a surgeon, but none the less, it would heal.

The difference between getting pre-cancer this time and not having it develop into more was that I had cleaned up my diet. I’ve cut out sugar and grains and eat mostly whole foods with lots of vegetables. This way of clean eating powers my body and hones my magical abilities.

We all have the ability to grow and strengthen our magical abilities. We first have to recognize that we have them and then learn how to care for them.

Oh, and I am not so bad with animals after all. There is the story of how I “tamed” Dumpy, the “semi-wild” cat. But that’s a story for another time.

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