The Most Essential Step to Getting Healthy

The most important step to making a change in your life and adopting a healthy lifestyle is to DECIDE that is what you are going to do. Before we can achieve anything we first must know what it is we want to achieve.

So often we have a vague idea-

  • I’d really like to stop having stomachaches every day
  • I’m tired of feeling so tired all the time
  • I’m too young to have so many aches and pains

We know we need to change our behavior in order to feel better but we don’t really do anything differently. We vaguely set a goal-

  • This year I will get healthier
  • By my next birthday I will lose weight

What we fail to account for is habit. We tend to have a few standard recipes we make for dinner. We buy the same staples at the grocery store week after week. We order the same entrees at the few restaurants we frequent and we have certain friends we always have drinks or coffee or lunch or dinner with. We associate eating and drinking with them because that is what we always do together.

To make any kind of lasting changes we have to DECIDE and COMMIT. We need to live with intention. If we think we want to be healthier this year, what does that really mean? Are we going to give up sugar? Second helpings at dinner? Will we exercise more? How many times a week and for how long? When we go out with our drinking friend, we need to change the routine. Maybe we take an exercise class together or even just a walk around the block, instead of a cup of coffee, while we chat and catch up.

All of these steps fall into place once the decision is made. The first step to changing our habits is to live with intention; DECIDE what you want and COMMIT to making it happen.

Then the second step is to get HELP. And lucky you- that is what I am here for. If you want to be healthy; if you want to feel better in your body; if you want to have steady energy all day long with no 3pm slump; if you want to be able to give up sugar, rely less on caffeine, and have a fresh, youthful complexion, visit my website and or send me an email. I am happy to help.

Cheering you on with a glass of Kombucha,


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