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When you lighten up your skincare, you can lighten up so much more: your weight, your complexion, your mood.

Did you know the US only bans 30 toxic ingredients from beauty products while Europe bans 1400?!

You deserve SAFE, elegant, luxurious skincare products.

Beautycounter offers all this and more. Check out their products HERE

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fruits and veggies

When you eat lighter, you feel better. Scientific Studies have proven that Fruits and veggies make you happier!

Are you struggling with:

  • knowing what to eat on a plant based diet?
  • how to make delicious plant based meals?
  • how to stick to a plant based diet when your family are meat eaters?
  • how to get kids to eat more plant based dishes?

I offer a 3 week program which includes:

  1. Three 45 minute coaching calls with me. Plus email follow up questions
  2. Doctor Approved Recipe book with meal planner and grocery list
  3. Pantry overhaul
  4. Board Certified Cognitive Behavioral Theory to work on your underlying, subconscious programming that keeps you from achieving your lifestyle goals
  5. Bonus exercise videos based on your current fitness level

Package Price $500

Contact me for help with adopting a plant based diet-

Increase your veggie consumption by eating a salad a day.

Want to know how to make the perfect salad?

Grab this Free Graphic to learn how to build the perfect salad every time!

Also includes a list of all the Pantry Staples you will need.

What is Healthy Living is Fun All About?

Life is supposed to be joyful. We were not brought into this world to pay bills, stress out and be miserable the whole time.

Our natural state is one of energy and happiness. Science has proven that eating fruits and vegetables makes you happier!

If you are tired of feeling sluggish, exhausted, bloated and stressed out, I can help.

Healthy Living is Fun is on a mission to get people eating whole, nourishing, tasty food; looking vibrant and healthy and feeling great!

Contact me at

or visit Beautycounter for safe, gorgeous skincare products:


Meditation Made Easy!

Stress!  It’s no good and we don’t want it. Stress can make you gain weight, increase inflammation, and break out or develop rashes.

Meditation can help. Just a few minutes a day can cure so many stress related health problems. Use this chart and get your peace on. Ommmm.

Meditation Made Easy Chart