10 Things I Have Learned From Meghan Markle -The Duchess of Sussex

This past weekend was the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I admit to being a royalty, star-struck American, super fan. I have watched Meghan on suits and kept up with all the People Magazine articles about the romance between Harry and Meghan.

I did not get up at 4am to watch though! I am not that crazy!

Meghan and Harry are a lot younger than I am but I admire them and have learned a lot from them.

They are excellent role models and will represent the British Royalty well. They are young and beautiful and they contribute, give back, and use their power for good.

I really enjoyed watching the wedding and as I see all the pictures and replays of the ceremony on the news, I paused to think about what affected me the most and what lessons I learned from watching this wedding and from reading about Meghan.

Here are 10 things I have learned from Meghan Markle:

  1. Own and accept who you are – As a child, Meghan was teased for being mixed race and never felt like she fit in. She had to come to grips with the fact that she was different from many of her peers and to accept that even though she was different she was no less than anyone else.
  2. Never feel the need to change or apologize for being different – Meghan did not feel the need to change or make herself into someone else to fit in. She embraced her heritage and decided to be herself.
  3. You matter as much as anybody, no one is above you in importance – I loved how they incorporated aspects of Meghan’s life into the wedding ceremony. She had a preacher from Chicago and a young, black cellist. Her friends came from the United States and she did not conform or only follow the British traditions. They melded their two lives very well.
  4. Choose someone who will honor your traditions- and is willing to incorporate them into his/her life so you create your own life that is a combination of the two of you- as I said above, I felt like the ceremony was for BOTH of them and unapologetically so.
  5. Be proud of the skin you are in -show off your freckles, smile and be confident in how you look – Meghan looked beautiful. She had minimal makeup and natural color on her nails. I read once, that she likes her freckles and makes sure her makeup artists use foundation that will still show them even she was acting or posing for photos. As a fellow freckle owner, I love that she shows them and is proud of them. Many actresses hide them for the smooth skin look. Freckles are cute. Here’s to Freckle Freedom!
  6. Adapt to change and be confident you can manage anything– Meghan’s dad had to stay in the USA at the last minute and was unable to walk her down the aisle. She chose to walk the first half of the aisle on her own with just the children carrying her train. Imagine the courage that took to arrive at the Chapel on your own, in front of thousands of people, and walk into that church knowing the Queen of England was sitting in there! She adapted, and confidently handled the situation.
  7. Be willing to ask for and accept help– while she walked the first half on her own, she did ask Prince Charles to meet her and walk her the rest of the way. He was obviously happy to do so and they shared some words and a smile as they walked. It is okay to ask for help. People who love you WANT to help you.
  8. Know your worth– Harry and Meghan seem like they are true equals. Even though he is a prince, she stands by his side as an equal. They sweetly held hands, smiled at each other, and he told her she looked amazing. It was apparent that he felt like the lucky one.
  9. Share your talents with others – Meghan is already thinking of what her platform will be. She will join Harry in sponsoring the Invictus Games and she will do charitable work. She is a strong supporter for women and for encouraging self- worth in young girls. She will be a wonderful role model.
  10. Think about what you want to contribute to the world and set about making that happen – as a Duchess and a princess, Meghan has a lot of visibility in the world. With that comes a lot of responsibility. She will never want for money and can have a lavish lifestyle. Rather than frittering all that privilege away she has had the forethought to think about all the good she can do in the world and will continue her charitable works.
  11. Oh and a Bonus One- Rescue dogs are the best – Open your heart and save a puppy that needs you. Before you know it he’ll be riding in a limo with the Queen and living in Buckingham Palace!

They are a lovely couple and I admire them both. I wish them the best for their future and look forward to seeing all the good they will do.

And I can chat with all my friends about how an American girl became a British Princess.

There is going to be quite a long wait until George gets old enough to marry.

Plenty of time for the young ones to learn from Meghan Markle.

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