2 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

I stood in line anxiously awaiting my turn. The women in front of me slowly shed their excess clothes- sweaters dropped to the floor, belts slid from their belt loops, even earrings were removed and set aside.

I watched each woman slip off her shoes and step on the scale. A happy voice would call out,

“You lost 5 lbs!” or “You lost 3 lbs!”  “Way to go!”

Now it was my turn- I shivered in my tank top and bare feet, stepped up on the scale and heard the cheerful voice say, “.02 lbs for you!”

There was clapping and happy chatter; the busyness of getting ribbons for those lucky ladies who hit a bench mark goal.

The polite clapping was drowned out by the voices in my head saying, “what the @#$%@!”

“Seriously?!” “I starved and worried, planned, cooked, prepped and spent every waking moment thinking about my food this week and I only lost .02 lbs?!!”

My experience with weight watchers was not a good one. I joined with a friend and stayed true to the program for 9 months. My friend lost 30 lbs. In 9 months I lost a total of 7 lbs. Seven pounds in 9 months. I followed the plan too. Sure I had moments of lapsing but I counted points and ate 0 point vegetable soup for dinner when I’d already used up my all my points by lunch time.

I bought the special weight watcher bars, snacked on air popped popcorn and bananas with fat free Hershey’s syrup.

So why didn’t I lose weight? Why did so many others have success while I limped along so slowly I barely got anywhere?

I’ve realized there were 2 reasons I was not successful on Weight Watchers.

  1. I was eating a lot of fat free, chemical filled, fake foods
  2. I had the “diet” mentality with all the stress and focus being on weight loss and what I “couldn’t” eat.

So, let’s talk about each reason a little bit. This post is not to knock Weight Watchers. Many people have great success on the program and I tried it years ago. Things may be very different now. But, when I went through it, the program was associated with a point system. You were allotted a certain number of points a day depending on how much you wanted to weigh.

Each food was given a certain amount of points. Veggies and fruits were low points as were fat free foods and the weight watcher bars and snacks. These fat free foods were loaded with sugar and chemicals.

Our bodies are not designed to digest and function well on chemicals. We need whole, fresh foods. Excess sugar leads to constant hunger, brain fog, and inflammation in the body.

The second reason I struggled to lose weight is because all of the weigh ins and focus on dieting. As soon as I tell myself I can’t have something, it is ALL I want. The whole diet mentality leads to binging. Does this sound familiar?

  • “Oh I messed up and ate candy at work. I’ve blown it. Might as well eat the whole bowl.”
  • “Ok, tomorrow I start my diet where I won’t be able to eat carbs or drink alcohol. Better order pizza tonight and eat the whole thing since I’ll never be able to have it again.”

We stop paying attention to how we feel and what our bodies want and start making all of our decisions from the mind. We eat stuff we don’t even like because that is what we are “supposed” to do.

I never used to be hungry in the morning and I would often skip breakfast but the “experts” were saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, I’d gag down some plain oatmeal, not enjoying it at all, and adding excess food into my body, all because someone else said I should.

We lose touch with ourselves and stop listening to our own body wisdom.

Don’t let the “experts” tell you to eat something you don’t like. Don’t get caught up in the diet mentality where it becomes all about how much you weigh and forget about how you FEEL.

Life is about living- exploring, learning, and growing. Trust yourself and you will be much healthier and happier. The only diet plan you need is to Eat REAL food- not too much and when you are hungry.

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