Can You Really Pack Up & Move to Costa Rica?

I have a confession to make. I have always secretly envied surfer dudes. You know the type of guy I mean. The Keanu Reeves character from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. They live somewhere warm, by the ocean. They usually have short term/low commitment jobs like being a waiter or construction worker so they can make enough money to pay rent, buy food, have a few beers at night with their buddies, and keep themselves in Oakleys and board shorts. They track high tide and wave heights and spend as much time as possible out surfing the waves.

They have the reputation of not being too smart so you may wonder why I envy them. I envy their freedom. I envy their joie de vivre. They have things figured out without too much angst or spiritual agonizing. They crave adventure and thrill and they commune with nature on a daily basis. They stay fit and healthy in a completely natural way. They are not marching away on a treadmill or lifting iron weights up and down inside a cold gym. They are outside moving their bodies, using their balance, feeling the power of the ocean beneath their feet, hearing the seagulls cry in the sky and feeling the breeze against their faces.

The thing I’ve come to realize as I’ve grown up is really any of us could be surfer dudes. The only difference between them and me is the choices we have made. It simply boils down to choice. They chose to do whatever it takes to live a life of freedom. They found the love and thrill of surfing and chose to pursue that. I could still make that choice if I wanted to. I know of families that have decided to move to Costa Rica so they can surf and live the beach life. Another family up and moved to Hawaii, created a coaching business running retreats on the beach so they could live in paradise. Yet another coach I know moved her family to Paris because she has always loved that city and wanted to live there since she was a child.

We all have a choice at any time to live how we want to live. I am very happy and content living where I live now and being with my family. I have no need to sell it all and take up surfing. But if I decided I wanted to – I could.

Often times we feel stuck or trapped. We get mired down in our lives. “This is the way it has always been and nothing ever changes.” We get caught up in our habits and same old same old way of doing things.

Change is possible. Vibrant health and abundant energy are available to us. All it takes to change is a shift in your mindset and the realization that everything comes down to choice. The New Year is a time of great excitement and renewal for people. We make resolutions or at least think about making resolutions and look at this time as a chance to start fresh, to be better, to be more committed/organized/healthy. We think the new year is a good time to make changes and be different than we were the year before.

Then in about February our old habits kick in, change seems a bit harder than we had anticipated. We slide back into eating and behaving the way we always have.

What I hope you will realize this year is that you CAN be a surfer dude, if you want. You CAN eat healthy and maintain changes to your diet, if you want. You CAN get physically fit, if you want. You CAN live a thrilling life, if you want. All you have to do is DECIDE. That’s it. Your life is what you CHOOSE. Isn’t that exciting?!

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