Has Your Life Felt Like One Long To-Do List Lately?

Has your life felt like one long to-do list lately?

Are you running from one task to the next chore all day long?

Does this way of living leave you feeling drained, exhausted, and let down?

I was talking with my coach the other day and she said to me, “I want you to take off your practical pants and start playing more.”

I had to laugh. I HAD been wearing mental practical pants and sensible shoes for far too long. In fact I’d been Ms Efficient for so long I could barely remember how I felt when I allowed myself to lighten up, to play, to have FUN!

If you are like me, and you desperately need to bring some joy back into your days- if you long to strap on your mental Louboutin’s and Chanel dress to make you feel like a Queen, I have some good news for you.

There is something available to you right now that you can use to release you from your “Prison of No Fun” life.

This one thing is available to all of us all the time and sadly, most of us forget about it and rarely use it.

Want to know what this magical, happy-life providing thing is?


We’ve been taught that day dreaming is flighty. We were told in school to stop spacing out and pay attention.

At work we are rarely given time to be still, to sit in silence, to allow our creativity space. We work in cubicles or open office spaces where someone is always talking, always watching what we do. Word would get out that you are slacking or not working if you were seen just sitting there one too many times.

Now we have cell phones which give us constant access to social media, games, email, Netflix, YouTube etc. There is never a moment we have to just BE and not be entertained.

Next time you are standing in line, riding in an elevator, or waiting outside a store, look around you. I bet you everyone within your sight line has their head bent down over their phone.

But, all this practicality, this living in the “real” world, this doing what we are supposed to do, is killing our creativity.

So what can we do to bring out our imaginations and increase our creativity? There are two things that are important:

  1. Get rid of the food fog we put ourselves in with the food choices that we make and that means start by cutting sugar out of your diet.
  2. Give ourselves time to dream. We need to let our imaginations run wild and to think about things that make us happy.

This morning I came downstairs and found my dog lying in a patch of sun and I thought, “What FUN!”

Today I am going to lie on the carpet, in the sun, and I am going to imagine I am at the beach. I will hear the waves crash gently against the shore, feel the warm sun gently tanning my skin, hear the seagulls crying in the sky. I will use my imagination to take me away for a bit and bring some joy into my day.

Those practical pants were starting to feel a bit tight. Time to take them off and run free in my imaginary Louboutin’s.  (In my imagination I can run effortlessly in heels)

If you’d like help ditching sugar from your diet, send me an email- I am putting together a program to help.

Too much sugar can stifle your imagination by spiking your insulin levels, giving us a false boost of energy and then causing us to crash. To rid yourself of the 3pm slump, cut sugar out of your diet.

Here is a great sugar free afternoon snack for a pick me up and imagination boost:

Hummus & Colorful Veggies

2 Tbls Hummus- Sabra makes a nice creamy version in different flavors
Sliced Red Bell Peppers
Sliced Yellow Bell Peppers
Baby Carrots
Broccoli Florets or cut stems

Choose your favorite vegetables, dip in the hummus and enjoy. Try to aim for a rainbow of colors for the most nutrients.

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