I’m Starting a Movement. Wanna Join Me?

“Don’t be the reason why someone feels like shit. Be the reason they feel awake, elevated, empowered & magical. That’s it.” ~ Kris Carr

I want to start a kindness movement. Let’s bring back thoughtfulness, generosity of spirit, gentleness.

My whole life I’ve been described as “nice”.

It used to irritate me and make me sad. Nice is bland. Nice is overlooked. Nice is boring. Nice is forgettable.

I wanted to be bold, sassy, amazing. I wanted to be remembered; thought about long after I left the room.

Doesn’t everyone?

But instead I was vanilla.

I was nice.

I was “cute”

I was “sweet”

The last few years have brought about big changes in the world. People are arguing on social media, unfriending family members, lashing out and name calling. Ideas and philosophies are polarizing and suddenly it’s okay for our leaders to publicly belittle people- call them losers and boast about shooting people in the street and getting away with it.

I’m not going to turn this political. I’m too nice for that J

But, what I am pointing out is that we all desperately need some kindness, some lifting up, some sweetness in our lives.

Even the bullies and the meanest among us.

They are the ones crying out the loudest. Every mean word out of their mouths hides an inner bully that secretly shouts out their short comings giving them the need to “prove” their superiority.

Suddenly being nice is a superpower. Let’s shift things around. Let’s make kindness BOLD, COOL, SASSY.

To be Kind in the face of anger takes tremendous strength. There is nothing meek or wimpy, dull or mild in seeing the GOOD in everyone and doing your best to bring that out in every one you interact with.

I want to start a Kindness Movement. Just because I am nice doesn’t mean I’m a pushover. Nice does not mean quiet and overlooked.

Nice means strong.

Nice means inner peace.

Nice means sharing.

Nice means lifting up, bringing together, supporting and including (even those who aren’t so easy to love)

I hope you will join me and spread your Kindness Wings.

You are bold

You are sassy

You are memorable

And Damn you are so NICE!

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