This Makes Me So Mad!

Want to know what makes me so mad?


The recent trend in headlines like this:


“40 Things Women Over 40 Should Never Wear” or

“50 Things Men Over 50 Should Never Say.”


Since when does your age have anything to do with what you wear or how you speak?


We put these restrictions on ourselves that are so ridiculous.


Your age, height, weight, or hair length should have ZERO to do with what you can do in your life.


Once women turn 40 they are told they can no longer wear bikinis or mini – skirts.

Red lipstick with jean shorts and sneakers? Forget it!

Middle aged women should never wear Converse sneakers. Horrifying!

Sleeveless shirts that show your bat wings? Never!

Take bathroom selfies? That’s for young women only!


All these rules and “norms” put us in a box and restrict our lives.


Many women hesitate to go to the gym because they fear they are too fat and will look terrible in workout clothes.


Worry about showing too much leg, keeps us stuck in jeans or pants on hot summer days.


Middle aged women only wear whole piece bathing suits and cover-ups (if they go to the beach at all) when they would be so much more comfortable in a bikini.


Moms won’t go to the pool with their kids because they are worried about cellulite or being too fat for the pool.


We worry about revealing our age because of ageism in the work place, invisibility once you turn middle aged, fears of being dismissed or overlooked because you are just an old person.


NONE of these social rules are real. You can do, wear, or be, whatever you want.

When we think we are too old to do something we make that belief come true. But, there is no reason to believe that you are too old, too fat, too short, or too tall to do ANYTHING.


Here is an example- my dad Kite sailing. Want to know how old he is in this photo?

75 Years Old!

If he listened to all these “rules” he would not be kite sailing. 75 years old is way too old to be getting airborne on a kite sail!

Never let anyone else tell you what you can and can’t do, or wear or say.


In honor of standing against ridiculous rules here I am – 49 years old, wearing a bikini, a mini-skirt, converse sneakers, and a scrunchie in my hair.

I have scars on my stomach, bat wings under my arms, natural eye-brows, and bruises on my legs and you know what?

So what?

I am healthy and happy. I have fun and I am determined not to limit myself by believing any of the silly rules we have made up out of nowhere about what a woman my age is capable of or should or shouldn’t wear.

Oh, and here is a bathroom selfie- just because!



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