Your Body is Trying to Tell You Something

I always thought I was a pretty good communicator until I had to answer the chat box on the website at my job.

After every communication, the members had the opportunity to rate their experience. It became a bit of a challenge between my co-workers and I to see if we could get top ratings.

My one co-worker, Janet, was raking in the 5 star ratings, but all my “chatters” were closing out of the page before leaving a score.


Finally, I got my first rating. I was so excited!!


I eagerly opened the link and saw:

  • 5 stars for helpfulness
  • 5 stars for efficiency
  • 4 stars for friendliness




I didn’t get top ratings for friendliness? Me?


I have always been told I am “nice”. When people are asked to describe my best characteristics they say I am “nice”.


It used to bother me actually. Why wasn’t I exciting or interesting? Nice seemed so bland. So Vanilla.


But, here I was getting a lower rating on what I thought was my big strength.


That 4 – star rating really bothered me and I thought about it a lot, determined to improve my score.


I learned a few things about communication in the process.

Communicating through a chat box, in the written form, is very different from communicating face to face or over the phone.

There is no body language to read, no voice inflection to tell if the person is being funny or sarcastic or sincere.


People read the message in their own voice. They add their own inflection or interpretation and they have no guide to know how the author intended it to be “heard”.


Our bodies are in constant communication with us but we often do not know how to hear what is being said.


Learning to listen to our bodies can be a bit like learning to communicate in a friendlier way through the chat box. We have to understand what our body is saying and how we should interpret what we are being told.


We all have the ability to hear our bodies. Our bodies are always looking out for us, always want what is best for us, and always strive for health and well – being.

Everyone’s body communicates in a unique way. Some may notice changes in energy levels, some may get headaches or stomach aches. The first step to being able to “hear” what is trying to be communicated is to rid your body of all that is blocking the channels.


Studies have proven that sugar, processed foods, and refined grains actually cause brain fog. When our bodies are full of these food like substances they struggle to strive and we cannot hear or even notice anything is awry until we have an extreme pain or an illness.

If you switch to a plant-based, whole foods diet and use beauty and cleaning products that are free of toxins, you will open up the channels and your body will tell you what it needs.


Once you have cleaned up your body environment, then you will understand better what is being said.


Try sitting in silence, even for just 5 minutes a day to start, and observing your thoughts and how your body feels.

Notice when your thoughts wander and bring them back to that moment. Focus on your breathing. Pay attention to everything you feel- the carpet against your feet, a breeze on your face, sounds you hear outside.


If you spend some devoted time with your body every day, you will soon learn to “hear” what it is telling you.


Before you know it- you’ll be getting 5 Stars in Body Communication.


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